Christmas is undoubtedly the most popular feast of the Christian year, bringing joy not only to regular church goers but also to those who may only come to church at this time of year. The birth of a baby is almost always an occasion of joy, and the particular circumstances of the birth of Jesus move the human spirit in a way that is deep and profound. It is rightly a time to reach out to others less fortunate than ourselves, and to do our bit to make sure that there is ‘room at the inn’ for everyone.

In celebrating Christmas we are invited not only to think about the ‘how’ of Jesus’s birth but also about the ‘why’ of why he came. We are given the answer in the message of the angels to the shepherds, ‘today a Saviour is born for you, he is Christ the Lord’. In as much as we recognise our own need for a saviour then this should increase the joy that we feel as we recall Christ’s birth.

The word Christmas means Christ-Mass and as Catholic Christians the celebration of Mass is at the heart of our Christmas festivities. Accompanying this message are details of the Christmas Masses at St Peter and St Paul’s in the hope that you will be able to join us for one of our Christmas Masses this year.
Lastly you maybe aware that there has been a change of Parish Priest in the autumn and that this will be my first Christmas with you. I would like to thank those that I have already met for your very kind welcome, and I hope the Christmas Masses will offer me the opportunity to meet many more people.

With every best wish and blessing,

Father Eddy Jarosz
Christmas Message from Fr Eddy
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