The Feast of the Assumption saw the culmination of the parish initiative ‘Grow and Support your Parish’. Just over three months ago, parishioners were invited to pray for a special intention of their choosing, from Pentecost Sunday up to The Feast of the Assumption, to coincide with the planting and growth of four sunflower seeds by a parishioner. The initiative had multiple aims – to encourage personal prayer, a desire to grow in holiness through prayer, alms giving and community, to help people to re-engage with the church following the challenges of the pandemic and to start us all thinking about parish renewal for the future.
All four seeds grew to maturity and flowered. Our prayers may or may not have already come to fruition however, we handed them over to the Mother of our Lord with thanksgiving – shown by donations to the parish and the Samaritans charity along with the wonderful offerings you see in our display of knitted flowers, children’s paper flowers and the floral arrangements – in the confidence that Mary will present them to Jesus on our behalf and that our prayers will be answered in God’s time and way.

A big thank you to everyone who got involved in any way, especially the children. To see photos of the flowers please
CLICK HERE or visit:
www., search ‘hope in hard times’ and click on the sunflower

If you would like to make a donation this can still be done by visiting the page above for the Samaritans or, to support Parish Funds, by envelope clearly marked ‘sunflower’ handed to Jo, Canon Geoffrey or to Tina in the office.

Many thanks,
Jo x

Grow and support your parish