We are pleased to tell you that we have been able to alter our seating to enable more parishioners to attend Mass at the weekends.
Due to the roll out of the vaccination programme and the lower numbers of hospitalisations, the Diocese have issued new guidance to allow Churches to increase capacity.

There are still the usual procedures to follow such as:
Booking in advance – the Mass Booking website has been updated already
Wearing a mask unless exempt
Sanitising on entry to the Church
Colour coded seating (now two colours only)
Seating in ‘bubbles’
No use of kneelers
Communion at end of Mass at weekends
But we are really looking forward to seeing more of you over the coming weeks! We are constantly updating our risk assessments to cater for the changing situation but hopefully things will, with God’s blessing, continue to move in the right direction.

If you have any concerns or have trouble booking, please contact either the Parish Office or Alison on 07443620682

Increased capacity at weekend Masses