On Wednesday 10 October 2018 the Lincoln Section of the Catholic Women’s League decided to add porridge to the usual Wednesday Coffee Morning fare!
This was in aid of Mary’s Meals, which feeds approaching 1.5 million children every day in countries across the world.
Blueberries, grapes, raisins, almonds and bananas were provided for people to create a face on their porridge. The one featured here was Fr Eddy’s artistic effort. The regular parishioners tucked in with gusto as can be seen from the photos.
A magnificent total of £150 was raised for Mary’s Meals, in addition to a donation of £45 for the ongoing Uganda Clean Water project, our regular weekly charity.
We are truly grateful for the generous support our parishioners have given to this and many other projects.

Peggy McCarthy, St Peter & St Paul’s RC Church, Lincoln

Mary’s Meals & World Porridge Day