Saints Peter & Paul's Parish Prayer

Eternal Father,
Look with love on your
people of St Peter &
St Paul's and pour upon
us the gifts of your

Draw us closer to you
and to one another
that together we may
spread your Kingdom.

We ask this through
Jesus Christ our Lord.


Grant that your faithful, O Lord, 
whom you nourish and endow with life 
through the food of your Word and heavenly Sacrament, 
may so benefit from your beloved Son's great gifts 
that we may merit an eternal share in his life.

Roman Missal, 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Many people are involved in bringing the Liturgy of the Church to life; from Altar Servers to Readers, Children's Liturgy Leaders to Extraordinary Ministers - all have a part to play. To find out more about the various ministries please see the Liturgy section of the Parish Directory.


“He who sings,” said St. Augustine, “prays twice.” The holy Bishop of Hippo meant that singing adds to our praise and worship of God—that our voices are gifts, with which we can make music to the Lord. Sung prayer expresses the joy of the heart, the happiness resulting from one who has encountered Jesus Christ and experienced his love.  Sung prayer reminds us of the choirs of heaven, with whom we are called to praise God eternally in heaven.

Some of us take to song very naturally, and for others, chant and song are more difficult.  But every Catholic is called to earnestly to raise his voice in song in the context of Holy Mass—to praise God with the gift of song the Holy Spirit gives us.

When we sing, we experience God’s presence in a new way.  In 2003, Pope St. John Paul prayed that every Catholic, by “expressing their faith harmoniously and solemnly in song, will experience its richness ever more fully and will abide by the commitment to express its impulses in their daily life.”

St. Augustine was right—he who sings prays twice.  May we sing together—in holy worship, and our homes—in praise and thanksgiving for all that God has given us.

Our church has both an active choir and folk group. Information about both of these can be found in the Liturgy section of the Parish Directory.