Dear Parishioners,

Announcement for Masses weekend 9 & 10 January 2020

You will be aware that places of worship have been permitted to remain open during this current national lockdown. This reflects the hard work done at both national and local level to make coming to Mass as safe as possible, but if we are to remain open we must continue to do so safely.

We will try to honour the arrangements for weekday Masses this coming week but from now on Masses will only open for booking when we are certain that we have sufficient stewards in place. Once again a word of gratitude to our stewards who have made it possible for us to reopen the church safely over the past few months.

If you are in the extremely clinically vulnerable category and have had a letter from your doctor telling you to ‘shield’ then please not do come to church but stay at home and keep yourself safe and protect others.

If you are in the clinically vulnerable category because of age or other reasons then you too should carefully consider the official advice to ‘stay at home’.

If you have any of the Covid symptoms (fever, new persistent cough, loss of taste) then stay at home. If you develop any of these symptoms within two days of being at church please get a Covid test and if it is positive then please let either Father Eddy or the parish office know so that we can take any necessary action to inform others.

Please remember that we are permitted to come to Mass but we are not to mingle with others before or after Mass.

Regardless of whether we are able to remain open or not, Masses will continue to be livestreamed and many have already found this to be a safe and meaningful way of continuing to share in the Mass in these dangerous times.

We pray for those who work in the NHS and other essential services to keep us safe, and we pray that our actions may support their work and not endanger it.

With my thoughts and prayers.

Fr Eddy

Letter from Fr Eddy