On Sunday 19th March we all woke up to a 4 inch layer of snow and for some here in SSPP’s they were snowed in. It was the day I was running the coffee morning for Mary’s Meals. I have to confess that my heart sank thinking that it wouldn’t be very successful financially. By the time we left the house for church a few people that had promised cakes had already rung to say they weren’t going to be able to get to church.
However as usual the parish was very generous. Father Eddy kindly gave us a plug during the 2 morning Masses and the few people that had made it to church were amazing, they just came into the hall to give us 5 and 10 pound notes before leaving to make the journey home safely; we actually made over £200 that morning and I am so grateful to you all.
One of the things that we had also got ready in the hall was a small table with 4 Backpacks, filled with the suggested articles advised by the charity. On their web site under the Backpack Project section it says that children receiving Mary’s Meals have never received a present and it had struck me that our children have presents at least twice a year often more than one. With the help of Peggy who had seen an article about collecting Backpacks we put our 4 on the table and left the suggested list of contents for people to read.
Over the next 8 weeks people just came up to me and said “Oh I have a Backpack for you I’ll bring it along on Sunday!” Some folk kindly gave more than one. Over the weeks I gathered 30!!! Mary’s Meals sent us 5 sacks to pack them in and they were collected on Tuesday 29th May to go to Mary’s Meals distribution centre in Glasgow. This represents amazing kindness and considerable amounts of extra money for which I am so grateful, as are The Mary’s Meals charity.
Most of the children they will be going to will have no possibility of obtaining notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers or rubbers, never mind a pair of shorts, T shirt or sandals. These Backpacks will be the pride and joy of their lives and with the aid of a nutritious meal be a great help in their studies. Once again, thank you all so very much.

Mary’s Meals Backpack Collection!